ripmyheartoutx (ripmyheartoutx) wrote,

I need this stuff gone, my boyfriend just got laid off and our rent is due. Please have a look, I've lowered the price on every item!

I will except offers but please be reasonable!

MUA ripmyheartoutx

Shipping & PP fees - $4 flat rate
DC - .85 additional

*If there's something that I didn't take a picture of or you'd like a close up, let me know!
***In the pictures, if there is something not listed; feel free to ask.

All used 1-2x (meaning 99% remaining) unless otherwise noted.
(Everything is in the old 7.5g jars)

Acid Orange A34 (50%) - $15
Accent Red A56 - $23
Aire-De-Blu C96 - $25
Apricot Pink A16 - $25
Azreal Blue A16 - $25
Basic Red A73 (40%) - $17
Blue A55 - $25
Blue Storm A64 - $25
Bright Coral A53 (75%) - $22
Bright Fuchsia BC2 (60%) - $20
Clear Sky Blue A73 (20%) - $10
Chartreuse A84 (80%) - $18
Chocolate Brown A64 (65%) - $15
Cornflower A54 - $25
Deckchair A15 - $30 SOLD
Emerald Green A15 (75%) - $20
Entremauve A76 (90%) - $21
Fuchsia AA5 - $20
Gold (has the label from the box on the bottom) (20%) - $15
Gold Dusk AC5 (50%) - $15
Goldenaire A95 - $25
Golden Lemon A75 - $20
Helium A17 - $25
Kelly Green A24 - $25
Lily White A16 - $23
Lovely Lily A95 - $23
Lustdust (has sticker from box on the bottom) (95%) - $25
Melon AA4 (40%) - $13
Night Light A16 - $25 SOLD
Pastorale C96 - $25
Pink A33 - $40
Pink Bronze A53 - $25
Pink Opal B64 - $20
Pink Pearl A83 (15%) - $15
Pink Pearl AB3 - $30
Pinked Mauve A16 (75%) - $20SOLD
Platinum Metal (label on bottom, missing MAC sticker) (40%) - $15
Reflects Red (has sticker from box on bottom) (40%) - $15
Rose A14 (75%) - $15
Ruby Red B24 (60%) - $20
Silver A73 (20%) - $15
Softwash Grey A16 - $30 SOLD
Subtle A76 - $25 SOLD
Violet (20%) A75 - $10
Viz-a-Violet A17 80% - $15

Glitter Liners

Pinky Wink (pink) [80% left] - $12
Saucepot (blue) [80% left] - $12
Shimmerline (purple) [75% left] - $11
Spunsilver (white) [75% left] - $11

*I have two that have no sticker. One is copper colored with about 20% left and one is dark brown that's mostly full. If someone knows what they are/would like them, let me know! I would throw in the copper colored one with a big order :).

Eye Liner

Bankroll (pearlglide) used 3-4x - $10
Bourdeauxline (powerpoint) sharpened a few times, still plenty left - $5
Goldenair (softsparkle) used 2-3x never sharpened - $12
Mint & Olive (softsparkle) used 2-3x never sharpened - $12
Out to Sea (powerpoint)used a few times, sharpened 1x - $8
Pink Craft (liquidlast liner) used a few times - $12
Reflecto (softsparkle) used 2-3x never sharpened - $13
Rosemary & Thyme (eye kohl) used a few times, sharpened 1x - $6

**Nars Le Sept Glitter Pencil sharpened once or twice - $5


Can anyone tell me the value of these? I have a purple one that doesn't say a name and is in a 7.5g tube rather than 6.5, flammable, blueboy, chartru and canton candy

No idea what to ask for them but I have

Lightscapade (used a few times) I76 - $27 SOLD
Naked You (used a few times) B95 - $25
Petticoat (tiny bit flat) B95 - $30 SOLD
Porcelain Pink (little flat) - $23
Shimpagne (used a few time) D35 - $27
Stereo Rose (used a few times) H55 - $32 SOLD
Glissade (used a few times) B76 - $27
Medium (used a few times) AA7 - $18 SOLD

((BNIB Glissade for sale further down the post))

Fleurry B17 swiped 1-2x - $12
Gentle Mineralize blush 1-2x - $13


All lipstick still smells fine and was always used with a lipbrush!

L-R front row:

Pink Cabana A16 used 1-2x - $14
Rebelrose A45 a little smushed in the back, but still only used 1-2x (picture below) - $17
Angel A16 used 1-2x - $8 SOLD
Bunny Pink A93 Bunny etched into the side is COMPLETELY intact, has a bit of cosmetic sweat - $35

L-R back row:

Honeyflower A35 used a few times - $10
Dainty Cake A84 used 1x - $12
Classy Pink A75 used a few times - $11
Charm Factor (B2M so the mark on the bottom is covering the batch code) used 1-2x - $13
Fashionably Fuchsia AC5 used 1-2x - $13
Creme De La Femme A95 used 1-2x - $8 SOLD

Bunny Pink




Pink Poodle lipglass A55 used 3x - $8
Enchantress lipglass A44 used 3-4x - $7
Elle lipglass A15 used 2-3x - $9
Flash of Flesh lipglass A25 used 2-3x (has an air bubble near the top) - $10
Sweetie Cake lipglass A16 used 2-3x - $10
Palatial lustreglass AB4 used 1-2x - $10
Lychee Luxe mini A75 never used - $9 SOLDTender Baby Tendertone used a few times - $14</s> SOLD
Pink Clash A35 lipglass used 3-4x - $10
Bow Belle A75 lipglass mini never used (has air bubble) - $8
**Nars Eros lip lacquer, it's all moved to one side of the pot - $7
(Snuck into the fluidline picture below) Pucker Tendertone NEVER USED - $17

Eye Liner

UD Heavy Metal Glitter Liner in Spandex used 4x (small air bubble) - $10
Pinkphonic glitter liner used 2-3x (large air bubble) - $12
Glamourgold glitter liner used 3-4x - $12
For the Boys glitter liner used 2-3x - $12
Starbrown glitter liner used 2-3x (small air bottle at bottom of tube) - $13
Post-Punk glitter liner used 2-3x - $13
(label fell off) Aqualine liquidlast liner used 2x - $12
(name wore off) Purple liquidlast liner used 1x - $12
Point Black liquidlast liner used 2-3x - $11
Blue Herizon liquidlast liner used 1x - $12


L-R Backrow:

Blue Peep dip in the corner - $8
Sweet Sage NEVER USED - $16

L-R Front row:

Frostlite used a few times in one corner - $12
Royal Wink used a few times - $13
Iris Eyes used a few times - $13

Mineralize Shadows

Clockwise starting with purple/gold:

Odd Couple used 3-4x a little purple dust on gold side - $13
Heat Element used 2-3x but it fell and the dome fell off - $9
Ether used 1-2x - $13
Sea and Sky used 1-2x - $13
Interview/Purple X used 3-4x, the pink is in the purple side a little bit - $13

Single Shadows

Aquavert (depotted) A26 MAYBE used 1x as it was a backup - $12
De Menthe Pro Pan A13 center may have gotten a drop of water on it, it's a little off looking (picture below) - $20
Sunsplosion A45 (depotted and labeled) small knick on 1 edge, used 1-2x (backup) - $16

De Menthe

De Menthe (bottom left), Aquavert (bottom right), Sunsplosion (top right)

(Starting with the pink one and going clockwise)

Firecracker never used - $14
Submarine BNIB - $17
Vibrant Grape BNIB - $15
One-Off BNIB - $17


Starting at left side bottom going up:

Pandamonium Eyes: Cloudbound/Up At Dawn/Violet Trance/Pandamonium each used 3-4x small knick in violet trance and the case is missing a piece on the right side of the plastic lid (shown below) - $30

Summerwear: Nylon/Julep/Lustreleaf/Lightweight Black (Nordstorm exclusive) each used 1-2x. Missing a piece of the plastic lid on the left side (shown below) $33

4 Beau: Sugarlily/Hard to Please/Pink Like Paris/Forgery each used 1-2x, crack in plastic lid but cannot feel it - $32

Starting at right side bottom going up:

Corps De Couleur: Vapour/Leap/Footwork/Terre A Terre each used 1-2x - $34
Boudoir Hues: Silver Charm/Titillate/Lounge Wear/Trousseau each used 2-3x - $32

4 Sweetie Cakes: Almond Icing/Gateaux/Sugar Blue/Demi-Sweet each used 1-2x expect Gateaux that has a very slight dip - $32


Chromezone 2 Quad (Pinkling/Unreally Blue/Nocturnelle/Contrast) each color used 1-3x, Unreally Blue missing small chip - $31

Warm Eye: 6 (Pasheema/Retrospeck/Bitter/Sable/Cranberry/Mover Shaker) M54 used 1-3x - $25

Well-Plumed Eyes Quad (Well-Plumed [V]/Shroom [S]/Espresso [M]/Courage [F]) each color used 1-2x- $31




Starting at left bottom going up:

6 Eyes: Dazzle 1: Look See(used 1-2x)/Crystal(used 3-4x)/Jewel Blue(used 1-2x)/Li'Lilly(has a slight bluish hue from jewel blue)/Idol Eyes (dip)/Black Tied (dip) No Brush, shuts awkwardly- $17

6 Graphic Garden: Social Climber/Straight Hedge/Linear Lilac/Botanical Blue/Graphic Garden/Wild Wisteria only botanical blue was used 1-2x, the rest are never used. Comes with brush - $23

Tailormade: 6 Cool Eyes: Summerweight/Printemps/Swish/Well-Finished/Tailored/Print each color used 4-5x but linear lilac has a little botanical blue on it. No brush & doesn't click closed - $18

Starting at right bottom going up:

6 Eyes Crystal: Retrospeck/Romp/Pink Freeze/Hepcat/Brill/Humid each used a few times except Retrospeck that has a slight dip. No Brush - $25

Patternmaker: 6 Cool Eyes: Circularity/Pattern Pink/Star Violet/Shimmermoss/Smoke Ring/Darkspot each used a few times, scratches on the back of the case - $25


Starting at the jar and going clockwise:

Silver Dusk Iridescent Powder used about 6x still plenty left - $13
Afterdusk blush used a few times - $13
Salsabelle CBB used a few times - $15
Shell Pearl Beauty Powder used a few times - $15
Rock it Pink Glitter Cream used a few times - $26
Pleasantry mineralize blush used a few times - $14

Misc. that missed the rest of the pictures

BNIB Glissade MSF - $33
Kitchmas pigment vial used 1-2x- $7
Rose Suites used 1x - $12
Ocean Suites used 1x - $12
NARS Sin Blush used 2-3x - $15 SOLD
Bobbi Brown Gold Shimmerbrick used 1-2x - $20
70% of jar of Electric Coral pigment in a Lily White jar - $15

Just added
Not pictured but I can take one if you'd like me to!

Fab Orchid/Dash Lily dual edge eye pencil each side only swatched 1x - $13
Fresh Green Mix dual mineralize shadow each side used 1x, still has plastic insert - $15
Colour Scheme 2 Quad (from 2002): Quarry (barely touched) /Decorator Pink(small dip)/Trax(small dip)/Beauty Marked (small piece missing, pan is bent a little) - $30
Flowering Quad (Asia Exclusive): Sunseed (used 5-6x)/Blossomcherry (used 1-2x)/Honesty(used 5-6x)/Early Lawn (used 1-2x) - $34
2005 Holiday Delights Trend 6: Gingersoft/Pearl of the Earth/Satin Taupe/Cinders/Gorgeous Gold/Tease N' Teal all colors used 1-2x - $25
BNIB MAC Trip 5 Cool Eyes: Prismique/Springtime Skipper/Waternymph/Knight Divine/Flashtrack - $37.50
BNIB MAC Impose mineralize blush - $17

Bora Bora e/s duo swiped 1-2x - $18
Cleo e/s duo swiped 1-2x - $18
Gigi e/s used 2-3x - $15
Santorini e/s lightly used - $15 SOLD
Goldfinger e/s used 2-3x - $15
Himalayas e/s used 2-3x - $15
Nightstar e/s (one with pan showing, one used a few times) - $8 (pan showing), $15 not showing
El Dorado creme e/s used 3-4x - $15
Erotica palette lip stuff is a little melted but all e/s and blush swiped a few times - $25

I will ONLY hold things for 24 hours and only with a paypal address to invoice.*
I will only ship overseas if the payment is gifted!*
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