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I have way too much makeup and not enough money. Over 35 full discontinued size pigments, MSFs, eyeshadows, old quads, glitter liners, lip stuff, etc.

I've tried to lower some prices, please take a look. We can definitely work something out if you're buying multiple items! :)

MUA ripmyheartoutx

Shipping & PP fees - $4 flat rate
DC - .85 additional

*If there's something that I didn't take a picture of or you'd like a close up, let me know!
**It has been quite some time since I sold any of my makeup so if my prices are too high, feel free to make me an offer instead.
***In the pictures, if there is something not listed; feel free to ask.

All used 1-2x (meaning 99% remaining) unless otherwise noted.
(Everything is in the old 7.5g jars)

**If any of the PRO pigments I have listed are still for sale at MAC PRO and my prices are too high, let me know. I can't figure out what is still available!

Acid Orange A34 (50%) - $25
Accent Red A56 - $25
Aire-De-Blu C96 - $25
Apricot Pink A16 - $25
Azreal Blue A16 - $25
Basic Red A73 (40%) - $27
Blue A55 - $25
Blue Storm A64 - $30
Bright Coral A53 (75%) - $30
Bright Fuchsia BC2 (60%) - $35
Clear Sky Blue A73 (20%) - $20
Chartreuse A84 (80%) - $30
Chocolate Brown A64 (65%) - $20
Cornflower A54 - $30
Deckchair A15 - $30 SOLD
Emerald Green A15 (75%) - $20
Entremauve A76 (90%) - $23
Fuchsia AA5 - $20
Gold (has the label from the box on the bottom) (20%) - $15
Gold Dusk AC5 (50%) - $15
Goldenaire A95 - $25
Golden Lemon A75 - $20
Helium A17 - $25
Kelly Green A24 - $30
Lily White A16 - $23
Lovely Lily A95 - $23
Lustdust (has sticker from box on the bottom) (95%) - $35
Melon AA4 (40%) - $13
Night Light A16 - $25 SOLD
Pastorale C96 - $25
Pink A33 - $40
Pink Bronze A53 - $30
Pink Opal B64 - $20
Pink Pearl A83 (15%) - $15
Pink Pearl AB3 - $35
Pinked Mauve A16 (75%) - $20SOLD
Platinum Metal (label on bottom, missing MAC sticker) (40%) - make an offer
Reflects Red (has sticker from box on bottom) (40%) - $15
Rose A14 (75%) - $15
Ruby Red B24 (60%) - $20
Silver A73 (20%) - $25
Softwash Grey A16 - $30 SHIPPED 7/12
Subtle A76 - $25 SHIPPED 7/12
Violet (20%) A75 - $10
Viz-a-Violet A17 80% - $20

Eyeshadow (singles)

Aquavert (depotted) A26 MAYBE used 1x as it was a backup - $12
De Menthe Pro Pan A13 center may have gotten a drop of water on it, it's a little off looking (picture below) - make an offer
Sunsplosion A45 (depotted and labeled) small knick on 1 edge, used 1-2x (backup) - $20

De Menthe

De Menthe (bottom left), Aquavert (bottom right), Sunsplosion (top right)

Eyeshadow Quads

Chromezone 2 Quad (Pinkling/Unreally Blue/Nocturnelle/Contrast) each color used 1-3x, Unreally Blue missing small chip - $35
Warm Eye: 6 (Pasheema/Retrospeck/Bitter/Sable/Cranberry/Mover Shaker) M54 used 1-3x - $30
Well-Plumed Eyes Quad (Well-Plumed [V]/Shroom [S]/Espresso [M]/Courage [F]) each color used 1-2x- $35

Glitter Liners

Pinky Wink (pink) [80% left] - $15
Saucepot (blue) [80% left] - $15
Shimmerline (purple) [75% left] - $12
Spunsilver (white) [75% left] - $12

*I have two that have no sticker. One is copper colored with about 20% left and one is dark brown that's mostly full. If someone knows what they are/would like them, let me know! I would throw in the copper colored one with a big order :).

Eye Liner

Bankroll (pearlglide) used 3-4x - $10
Bourdeauxline (powerpoint) sharpened a few times, still plenty left - $5
Goldenair (softsparkle) used 2-3x never sharpened - $15
Mint & Olive (softsparkle) used 2-3x never sharpened - $15
Out to Sea (powerpoint)used a few times, sharpened 1x - $10
Pink Craft (liquidlast liner) used a few times - $15
Reflecto (softsparkle) used 2-3x never sharpened - $15
Rosemary & Thyme (eye kohl) used a few times, sharpened 1x - $10

**Nars Le Sept Glitter Pencil sharpened once or twice - $5


Can anyone tell me the value of these? I have a purple one that doesn't say a name and is in a 7.5g tube rather than 6.5, flammable, blueboy, chartru and canton candy

No idea what to ask for them but I have

Lightscapade (used a few times) I76 - $30
Naked You (used a few times) B95 - $30
Petticoat (tiny bit flat) B95 - $30
Porcelain Pink (little flat) - $25
Shimpagne (used a few time) D35 - $27
Stereo Rose (used a few times) H55 - $32
Glissade (used a few times) B76 - $30
Medium (used a few times) AA7 - $18

Fleurry B17 swiped 1-2x - $15
Gentle Mineralize blush 1-2x - $15

I have no idea what to ask for the lip stuff, so just make me an offer.

Goldish colored lipgelee 95% full - $12
Let's Twist lipclass stain used 1-2x - $12
Morning Glory Lustreglass A45 used a few times, still smells good - $12
Millefeuille Petit-Gloss A16 used a few times with a brush - $13
Tender Baby Tendertone used a few times - $14

**Nars Eros lip lacquer, it's all moved to one side of the pot


All lipstick still smells fine and was always used with a lipbrush!

L-R front row:

Pink Cabana A16 used 1-2x - $14
Rebelrose A45 a little smushed in the back, but still only used 1-2x (picture below) - make an offer
Angel A16 used 1-2x - $8
Bunny Pink A93 Bunny etched into the side is COMPLETELY intact, has a bit of cosmetic sweat - make me a good offer.

L-R back row:

Honeyflower A35 used a few times - $13
Dainty Cake A84 used 1x - $17
Classy Pink A75 used a few times - $14
Charm Factor (B2M so the mark on the bottom is covering the batch code) used 1-2x - $15
Fashionably Fuchsia AC5 used 1-2x - $15
Creme De La Femme A95 used 1-2x - $8

Bunny Pink




Pink Poodle lipglass A55 used 3x - $8
Enchantress lipglass A44 used 3-4x - $7
Elle lipglass A15 used 2-3x - $13
Flash of Flesh lipglass A25 used 2-3x (has an air bubble near the top) - $14
Sweetie Cake lipglass A16 used 2-3x - $15
Palatial lustreglass AB4 used 1-2x - $15
Lychee Luxe mini A75 never used - $9 SHIPPED 7/12
Sorberry lipglass tasti used 2-3x (has air bubble) - $14
Watermelonny lipglass tasti used 2-3x (has air bubble) -$14
Chicmates lip stain used 2-3x - $12
(Not pictured) Pink Clash A35 lipglass used 3-4x - $12
(Not pictured) Bow Belle A75 lipglass mini never used (has air bubble) - $8
(Snuck into the fluidline picture below) Pucker Tendertone NEVER USED - $20

Eye Liner

UD Heavy Metal Glitter Liner in Spandex used 4x (small air bubble) - $10
Pinkphonic glitter liner used 2-3x (large air bubble) - $15
Glamourgold glitter liner used 3-4x - $15
For the Boys glitter liner used 2-3x - $17
Starbrown glitter liner used 2-3x (small air bottle at bottom of tube) - $15
Post-Punk glitter liner used 2-3x - $15
(label fell off) Turquoise liquidlast liner used 2x - $20
(name wore off) Purple liquidlast liner used 1x - $20
Point Black liquidlast liner used 2-3x - $13
Blue Herizon liquidlast liner used 1x - $20


L-R Backrow:

Blue Peep dip in the corner - $8
Sweet Sage NEVER USED - $20

L-R Front row:

Frostlite used a few times in one corner - $12
Royal Wink used a few times - $15
Iris Eyes used a few times - $13

Mineralize Shadows

Clockwise starting with purple/gold:

Odd Couple used 3-4x a little purple dust on gold side - $14
Heat Element used 2-3x but it fell and the dome fell off - $9
Ether used 1-2x - $15
Sea and Sky used 1-2x - $15
Interview/Purple X used 3-4x, the pink is in the purple side a little bit - $15

Single Shadows

(Starting with the pink one and going clockwise)

Firecracker never used - $14
Submarine BNIB - $17
Vibrant Grape BNIB - $15
One-Off BNIB - $17


Starting at left side bottom going up:

Pandamonium Eyes: Cloudbound/Up At Dawn/Violet Trance/Pandamonium each used 3-4x small knick in violet trance and the case is missing a piece on the right side of the plastic lid (shown below) - $34

Summerwear: Nylon/Julep/Lustreleaf/Lightweight Black (Nordstorm exclusive) each used 1-2x. Missing a piece of the plastic lid on the left side (shown below) $40

4 Beau: Sugarlily/Hard to Please/Pink Like Paris/Forgery each used 1-2x, crack in plastic lid but cannot feel it - $36

Starting at right side bottom going up:

Corps De Couleur: Vapour/Leap/Footwork/Terre A Terre each used 1-2x - $40
Boudoir Hues: Silver Charm/Titillate/Lounge Wear/Trousseau each used 2-3x - $40
4 Sweetie Cakes: Almond Icing/Gateaux/Sugar Blue/Demi-Sweet each used 1-2x expect Gateaux that has a very slight dip - $37




Starting at left bottom going up:

6 Eyes: Dazzle 1: Look See(used 1-2x)/Crystal(used 3-4x)/Jewel Blue(used 1-2x)/Li'Lilly(has a slight bluish hue from jewel blue)/Idol Eyes (dip)/Black Tied (dip) No Brush, shuts awkwardly- $17

6 Graphic Garden: Social Climber/Straight Hedge/Linear Lilac/Botanical Blue/Graphic Garden/Wild Wisteria only botanical blue was used 1-2x, the rest are never used. Comes with brush - $30

Tailormade: 6 Cool Eyes: Summerweight/Printemps/Swish/Well-Finished/Tailored/Print each color used 4-5x but linear lilac has a little botanical blue on it. No brush & doesn't click closed - $20

Starting at right bottom going up:

6 Eyes Crystal: Retrospeck/Romp/Pink Freeze/Hepcat/Brill/Humid each used a few times except Retrospeck that has a slight dip. No Brush - $25

Patternmaker: 6 Cool Eyes: Circularity/Pattern Pink/Star Violet/Shimmermoss/Smoke Ring/Darkspot each used a few times, scratches on the back of the case - $30


Starting at the jar and going clockwise:

Silver Dusk Iridescent Powder used about 6x still plenty left - $15
Afterdusk blush used a few times - $15
Salsabelle CBB used a few times - $17
Shell Pearl Beauty Powder used a few times - $18 Invoice Sent
Rock it Pink Glitter Cream used a few times - $25
Pleasantry mineralize blush used a few times - $20

Misc. that missed the rest of the pictures

BNIB Glissade MSF - $35
Kitchmas pigment vial used 1-2x- $7
Rose Suites used 1x - $15
Ocean Suites used 1x - $15
NARS Sin Blush used 2-3x - $15
Bobbi Brown Gold Shimmerbrick used 1-2x - $24
70% of jar of Electric Coral pigment in a Lily White jar - $20

Just added
Not pictured but I can take one if you'd like me to!

Fab Orchid/Dash Lily dual edge eye pencil each side only swatched 1x - $15
Fresh Green Mix dual mineralize shadow each side used 1x, still has plastic insert - $17
Colour Scheme 2 Quad (from 2002): Quarry (barely touched) /Decorator Pink(small dip)/Trax(small dip)/Beauty Marked (small piece missing, pan is bent a little) - $32
Flowering Quad (Asia Exclusive): Sunseed (used 5-6x)/Blossomcherry (used 1-2x)/Honesty(used 5-6x)/Early Lawn (used 1-2x) - $40
2005 Holiday Delights Trend 6: Gingersoft/Pearl of the Earth/Satin Taupe/Cinders/Gorgeous Gold/Tease N' Teal all colors used 1-2x - $33
BNIB MAC Trip 5 Cool Eyes: Prismique/Springtime Skipper/Waternymph/Knight Divine/Flashtrack - $37.50

I have a bunch of NARS e/s, a palette, etc. if you're looking for something, lmk :)
I also have a few SE MAC brushes as well that aren't listed yet.

Even with the added items, this is still only about half of what I am looking to get rid of so please keep checking my journal!

More Quads, Palettes and Nars added
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